c9 prime™ Features

ADMIN / Preferences & Set Up

c9 prime™ was designed to support team structures with individual user, user group and channel publishing roles and rights. It is easy to configure your team’s permission-based access to all aspects of c9 prime’s ™ functionality.

    HOME Dashboard

    Each user role in c9 prime™ has a unique HOME page dashboard view with custom stats displaying according to a user’s permissions and responsibilities in the workflow. (e.g. Any role that cannot “Create a Task” won’t see the “Create a Task” button.)


      Administrator list views available from the Tasks tab allow you to review, filter, sort, print and export all work items that have not been scheduled for publish. The task list access and features are controlled by user roles and permissions.


        All TASK and BROADCAST Due Dates, Target Publish Dates and Scheduled Broadcasts are immediately charted into your Editorial Content Calendar view.


          Only users with permission to publish have access to information about Broadcasts that have been completed or that are pending publish.


            Teams and users can track comments and engagement for all social media and content publishing through c9 prime™.
            LISTEN & RESPOND
              • Comments can be reviewed and managed by platform (Facebook, Twitter etc.) or by specific channel (Twitter 1, Twitter 2, Twitter 3 etc.)
              • Identify public profile information for people engaging with your content
              • Aggregated metrics to identify how many times a particular person has engaged with your content
              • Complete conversation views are available in c9 prime™ so you do not have to log in to each platform to manage comment responses


            The ability to view comparative cross-platform roll-ups or individual reports make c9 prime’s™ reporting a significant asset to your organization.