c9 amplify - Content Publishing at Scale
c9 amplify™ helps you to quickly add content marketing and social media capabilities to your existing enterprise solutions as ECM, WCM, CRM, and PLM. By leveraging the same core functionality featured in c9 prime™, organizations are able to provide tailored content marketing and social media functionality to existing applications.


c9 amplify™ is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution and represents a powerful collection of componentized features that can be incorporated into any software application. Think of c9 amplify™ as a content liberator. The content you wish to share, can exist almost anywhere and can be managed or controlled by other existing solutions or applications.

Via the c9 amplify™ STEP API architecture, organizations can leverage various functions to extend content marketing capabilities to existing environments. The primary content marketing functions include channel authentication, scheduling, permalinking, monitoring, engagement retrieval and interactions. Moreover, by combining c9 connect™ and c9 amplify™, organizations can essentially create highly tailored and focused content marketing extensions to their current solutions.